Flight Bucharest - Timisoara - Bucharest with Carpatair - presentation

Bucharest - Timisoara - Bucharest with Carpatair (presentation)

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Yesterday I marked two premieres for me. It was the first flight on the route Bucharest - Timisoara and first flight with Carpatair. I could also say that it was the first round-trip flight experience on the same day, but it was also the first flight on board an aircraft. SAAB 2000.

Before I tell you about flight, experience on board etc, I want to mention a little about aircraft and flights.
Whether it's SAAB, ATR, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier or any other type of aircraft, the principles of flight are the same. It is true that a larger aircraft can fly longer, at higher altitudes, can carry more passengers and tons of freight. But it flies on the same basic principles that a smaller plane flies. All situations and instruments are adapted to the aircraft model. So don't be afraid to fly with ATR or an Airbus A380.

The cabin crew is also trained according to the type of aircraft. The same pilots. Do not imagine that a flight attendant can fly on any plane he wants and when he wants. Just as no pilots can stand in the sleeve of any plane. Carpatair Flight Training Flight Simulator can prepare pilots for ATR, SAAB and Fokker aircraft, if I understand correctly.

And now I'm back to the race Bucharest - Timisoara - Bucharest with Carpatair. The morning flight was at 7: 45. So I left home with a considerable margin of time because I did not know what it is like to check in at Carpatair, how it is with internal departures, etc. Plus, now you can't even estimate exactly how much the RATB 783 express line goes to the airport. I arrived in Otopeni about two hours before taking off.

I quickly became interested in internal departures, procedures, everything went smoothly. So I had time to see the behavior of the Otopeni Airport at sunrise, when many flights are scheduled. I found that many passengers do not know what online check-in means and stand at queues at the counters. In vain were those check-in machines at the airport because the world does not use them. Here should be a little more education and we will come back with a detailed article.

I also noticed that some Romanians are a bit late. And this is because many do not know how to appreciate the time or wait until the last moment.

In the meantime, my departure time was done. We quickly passed the check-in formalities (they are done in the "international departures" terminal) and then we went to "internal departures", on the ground floor of the "arrivals terminal". Everything went rope, I got my ticket for return from 16: 30. I think it was the first check when the appliances didn't work. I thought we were going to be a little on the plane, I was thinking about flying with Fokker or SAAB, etc. But everything was quiet in my mind as I sat on the plane seat.

SAAB 2000 is an aircraft dedicated to regional flights and is powered by 2 turbocharged Rolls Royce propellers. It has the capacity of 50 of seats, distributed on 17 rows, and each row in 2 + 1 format. It is very loud and I had moments when I felt my ears clog. Can fly to maximum 9500m altitude and approximately 700 Km / h. This type of aircraft has a crew of 2 pilots and a flight attendant.

The flight Bucharest - Timisoara takes on average 60 minutes. You do not take off well either and you are already preparing for the landing. On board the SAAB 2000 aircraft it is good to fly with the belt on because the flight is short, you can feel some turbulence etc. The view is beautiful if you catch good weather. Romania is a beautiful country from above.

The service on board the Carpatair aircraft is good. For those who are confused, I would like to point out that the Carpatair operator is a full service line. The ticket price also includes 20 of Kg for the hold, cabin baggage and small attentions on board the aircraft, depending on the distance. We were served with juices, water, coffees, Belvita Start biscuits in the shower and chocolate chip cookies on the evening race.

I have also seen unsuspecting people disregarding the rule of closing phones or tablets, etc. As I also saw a gentle and phlegmatic gentleman who only uses orange juice and was careful to criticize the flight attendant for not having a better supply. I would like to mention that on board the aircraft you are not at the bar and the flight attendant is not a bartender.

For those who are still confused, the escort attendants are not qualified for the waiters and bartenders. They are present to provide you with a safe flight and to intervene when the safety of passengers is endangered. They know best to intervene in incident cases. The part with the catering services on board the airplanes was introduced for added comfort and a more pleasant flight.

In terms of prices, the internal routes are a bit big because the airport charges are high and because the planes need crew, maintenance, catering etc. We found that over 50% of the ticket price means taxes, especially those at the airport.

Below you have the price calculation for the period 3 August - 10 August, return. As you can see, the price with all taxes reaches 628 lei. Even with all taxes, it seems a good price if we consider how much time you can save.

The train takes about 8-9 hours on average and costs 163 lei in class I and 115 lei in class II. But you didn't include anything! A round trip by train would mean over 18 hours spent on the train and at cost would be about 330 lei in class I and 230 in class II. You choose what you want to travel in the present conditions. Also, consider what CFR provides.

TAROM is a little more expensive, but just as beneficial.

I wish you a pleasant and peaceful trip!

  1. gabi says

    I say stop doing the advertising for the carpatair because you don't know what's going on in this company. it fits the proverb "outside is painted the fence and inside is leopard" but little is said that they simply mock the people who really put their soul into what they do and those who are "siphons" do well beside the bosses. unfortunate by those who put their soul in that they are not appreciated and remain in the company people without value and without spine

  2. Vasiliu Maria says

    Carpatair is not low-cost, it is a business company and therefore, for some, it seems to them that the ticket price is quite peppery.

    "I would like to mention that on board the aircraft you are not at the bar, and the attendant on board is not a bartender." When will some people change their minds?

  3. Sorin says

    Yes, look I forgot to mention this in the article. We knew that Carpatair operator is not low cost!

  4. kokistor maistor says

    unfortunately carptair does not make the timisoara route in Bucharest, the only solution is tarom which has many daily flights, which we have observed tarom makes 75 min while carptair 50 or 55 min ... it is not a big deal, but anyway it must be mentioned ... in the rest my price it looks pretty small anyway ... 6 mil returned if you get tickets early, it reaches maximum 10mil half, if you buy them a few days before ...

  5. Sorin says

    Carpatair I think will reintroduce the route in the summer season. Depending on time, it depends on how you measure. The time mentioned by me is from take-off to landing. I did not consider parking on the platform, running to the track etc.

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