How do I find the cheapest airline tickets?

How do I find the cheapest airline tickets?

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The most frequently asked question we receive in the editorial of Airlinestravel: “How do I find the cheapest airline tickets?". A simple question, but with a complex answer. So we decided to elaborate the answer in this article.

Cheapest airline tickets

First, let's look at how airline ticket prices are evolving. The price of a plane ticket changes according to: the degree of loading of the plane on the searched flight (the more passengers on the flight, the more expensive the flight ticket); time to flight (ticket is cheaper if time to flight is higher); travel period (if flying in the off-season to a destination, chances are that the flight ticket will be cheaper). It matters a lot if your desired destination is covered by direct or scale flights.

In addition to the above, we present one study, which comes with 3 practical tips to make considerable savings: book your flights with 53 days in advance (on average); to travel during the week (Tuesday would be the cheapest); focus on evening flights.

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Cheapest airline tickets

But there is no formula that works every time. From our experiences, we share 5 practical tips.

1. When you want to fly to a destination, look for airports around the chosen destination and if there are direct flights. You can find this information with maps, on wikipedia and on airport websites. Starting from this information, proceed to point 2.

2. Make simulations on metasearch sites. We recommend:
- - A metasearch site that helps you easily compare prices for air tickets, hotels and travel offers. With one click you have access to the cheapest airline tickets. The advantage of momondo is that it also searches the low-cost operators. It is also available in Romanian.

- Kayaking - An easy-to-use metasearch site that offers multiple search options. You can search for offers by departure airport, in multi-city mode, etc.
- Skyscanner - A useful search engine when you want to find the cheapest airfares between countries, cities or airports.

- - a Romanian site specialized in the sale of air tickets. We use it frequently because we can search for the best airfares to 2 locations. Displays results and combinations on days, weeks and even months.

3. Following the 2 point simulations, go to the websites of the airlines or travel agencies concerned to validate the offers found. In some cases, the offers are not confirmed, being the result of errors and expired promotions.

4. If you find a great price for a desired destination, stop thinking and make a purchase. The speed at which prices change is high. Sometimes promotions do not bring better prices.

5. The perfect recipe for the cheapest airline tickets does not exist. There are many variables that influence the prices of air tickets. In addition to commercial factors, there are also personal factors (availability to travel and flexibility in choosing periods).

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