How do we organize our vacation in 2021?

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In 2020, global tourism recorded the worst year in history, international arrivals decreasing by 74%. Destinations around the world have faced one billion fewer international arrivals in 2020 than in the previous year, due to the unprecedented drop in demand, but also due to travel restrictions imposed globally.

The collapse of international travel is an estimated loss of $ 1.3 trillion, about 11 times the loss of the global economic crisis of 2009. The crisis has endangered between 100 and 120 million jobs in the tourism industry, many of them in small and medium enterprises.

Because of it coronavirus pandemic, and 2021 will be a difficult year for global tourism. The beginning of this year came with many restrictions imposed by European countries and around the world.

This forces us to change our habits to organize our future holidays. Below are some suggestions on how to approach future pandemic travel.

How do we organize our vacation in 2021?

  • Think very carefully when choosing the destination. Check the health regulations imposed by that country to know how to prepare for the trip. The holiday destination must be chosen in order to relax.
  • Aviation was the industry most affected, and most passengers became more careful when booking airline tickets. Certainly, destinations in Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria will be the favorites of Romanians in 2021, especially because they are close to home and can travel by land. However, most countries are happy to welcome tourists as long as the travel measures are followed. To make sure you follow all the required regulations, you can check the list of European countries that impose restrictions for those traveling from Romania.
  • Trends of 2021 there will be last minute bookings and flexible travel dates. Early booking remains the ideal travel option to benefit from discounts. However, in the current context, most airlines allow rescheduling of tickets and changing travel dates at no additional cost. You should also keep in mind that there may not be last minute offers for the desired destination.

Travel responsibly and follow the measures imposed by each country

  • Check whether the country of destination requires quarantine or entry testing and what travel restrictions are imposed in the country of destination. 
  • Review Romania's yellow list to verify whether Romania requires quarantine or self-isolation at home to return from vacation.
  • Even if you pay more for the holiday, check that the hotel you have chosen complies with all the required safety and health requirements (sanitation, social distance, specially arranged places for children).
  • Some hotels may not open in 2021. However, an increase in travel demand is expected this year and therefore we recommend that you make reservations in advance, if you have a favorite hotel. Opt for the option to cancel for free if you will no longer be able to travel.

Travel insurance must be indispensable

  • During this uncertain period it is recommended a travel insurance. Thus, in case of possible health problems you can stay relaxed knowing that no additional costs will be required.
  • From luggage the "safety kit" must not be missing. Now, in addition to the pills you put in your luggage on each trip, you must be careful not to miss the disinfectant gel, wipes and a few spare masks.
  • Try to do card payments only, thus avoiding getting hold of banknotes or coins.

No matter how you choose to travel to your holiday destination, relaxation is at your destination! Travel responsibly!

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