How to lose weight by plane - Samoa Air charges per kilogram

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Update 2020: Samoa Air ceased operations in 2015. We do not know whether it was due to the tax system or the competition.

Original article 2013: In a market of air transport divided between low-cost and full-service, here is the appearance of the first airline that will charge passengers per kilogram.

Samoa Air, a small company in the South Pacific, is pioneering the implementation of a new passenger taxation system: payment based on body weight. This measure was taken because Samoa Air has small, light-sensitive aircraft, and over 55% of the Samoans are overweight. The fee varies between 1 and 4.16 dollars / kg.

Lose weight with the plane

Samoa Air

Chris Langton, executive director of Samoa Air, said this was the best way to travel. I hope he doesn't give ideas to other airlines as well.

Samoa Air has a fleet of small aircraft, with capacity between 3 and 10 seats, and connects the regions of Samoa, American Samoa, North Tonga, Niue, North Cook Islands and French Polynesia.

If this tax system were to be introduced, many would probably seek to weaken it. Where diets and weight loss strains fail, the new Samoa Air charging system could be a success.

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