How is Disneyland Paris promoted in Romania?

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Disneyland Paris, the largest and most popular amusement park in Europe, continues the 20 anniversary celebration. On this occasion, Air France Romania, together with the official Disneyland agent in Romania, the perfect tour agency, organizes a competition that will reward Disneyland fans in Romania with prizes consisting of 2 weekends at Disneyland Paris for 2 families with 2 adults and 2 children, 50 tickets Entrance to the 2 Disneyland parks and 35 Mickey discount vouchers of 200 euros each.


What is the competition? To win these prizes you have to go to the dedicated website - and answer the questions about the amusement park. During the competition, participants must be prepared to answer 10 weekly questions. The correct answers and the resolution time contribute to the final ranking. The number of points accumulated can increase if the participant has already bought a plane ticket on the Bucharest-Paris route with AIR FRANCE, by entering the reservation code in the application.

What will you be able to win? At the end of the competition, the first 2 participants who get the most points win each a weekend with Air France at Dineyland Paris together with the whole family (2 adults and two children). Each package includes: Air France airfare, 2 nights accommodation in a Disney hotel, 3 day entrance ticket to Disneyland Paris for 2 adults and 2 children. The highest prize will be awarded based on the score accumulated in the 5 weeks.

Weekly tickets can be won at 10 Disneyland parks and 7 Mickey discount vouchers from 200 euro, which can be used when purchasing the following packages at Disneyland Paris. The winners of these prizes will be chosen from the ones with the best 10 scores every week.

Air France and Disneyland Paris also take care of those who did not participate in the contest, but they want an experience in this fairy tale world. All Air France passengers, with a valid reservation, will be able to purchase tickets at Disneyland Paris with a discount of 20 EURO until the date of 31 July 2013.

Disneyland Park is 30 kilometers from Paris in Marne-la-Valle, covers a total area of ​​19 square kilometers and is divided into 2: Disneyland and Walt Disney studio. Both sides are open year-round, and visitors can choose from a range of 50 of activity options. 7 different themed hotels are available, all reminiscent of the world of adventure and storytelling. In addition to games, there are other services, such as cinemas, restaurants and bars. In addition, there is always an event or festival in parks, Disneyland Paris thus being more full of life and emotion.

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