Iberia Express runs from 25 in March

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Update 26.03.2012: It seems that the start date is offset. Iberia Express has rescheduled the first flights for March 28.

Spanish airline Iberia launched the low-cost carrier on Friday Iberia Express. International Airlines Group made this decision in the hope of revitalizing the financial situation of the group, especially as the crisis made its presence more and more felt, and the price of fuel has increased and will increase.

About half of all flights made in Spain are low-cost, a difficult situation for traditional operators, such as Iberia.

The first flights of the operator will take place today, 25 March, on the routes Madrid - Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga and Seville. The fleet consists of 4 aircraft Airbus A320, and by the end of 2012 their number will increase to 13. Iberia plans to have the fleet reach 40 from aircraft to 2015. Ticket prices start from 25 euros in one way.

For starters, the company has 500 employees and plans to operate 17 domestic and European routes in 2012.

Madrid - Alicante from 25 to March 2012;
Madrid - Amsterdam from 1 to September 2012;
Madrid - Dublin from 1 June to 2012;
Madrid - Fuerteventura from 1 June 2012;
Madrid - Granada from the 1 to the 2012;
Madrid - Ibiza from 3 to 2012
Madrid - Lanzarote from 1 to 2012;
Madrid - Mahon from 1 to 2012;
Madrid - Malaga from 25 to March 2012;
Madrid - Mykonos from 1 July 2012;
Madrid - Naples from 2 June to 2012;
Madrid - Palma Mallorca from 25 to March 2012;
Madrid - Riga from 1 July 2012;
Madrid - Santa Cruz de la Palma from the 1 June 2012;
Madrid - Santander from 1 June 2012;
Madrid - Seville from 25 to March 2012;
Madrid - Vigo from 1 to 2012;

Iberia Express estimates that it will attract 2,5 millions of passengers this year.

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