Czech Airlines ordered 4 Airbus A220 aircraft and modified the order for 3 A320neo to A321XLR

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On October 23, Czech Airlines placed an order for 4 Airbus A220 aircraft. At the same time, it changed an order for 3 A320neo aircraft to 3 Airbus A321XLR aircraft.

New airplanes ordered will support the evolution of Czech Airlines. The new Airbus A220-300 will enter the Czech carrier fleet starting with 2020. Related to A321XLR, they will be delivered to 2025.

Czech Airlines has ordered 4 Airbus A220 aircraft

Depending on the configuration, the new A220-300 will be able to carry up to 149 passengers. Something more exciting will be the new Airbus A321XLR, which will be configured for 195 seats in two fare classes.


The A220 is the only model manufactured specifically for the 100-150 seat market. It offers increased passenger comfort and low fuel consumption. Propulsion is provided by 2 PW1500G engines from Pratt & Whitney. To date, the A220 family of aircraft has registered orders for approximately 530 aircraft.

Linked Airbus A321XLR, we can say that it is the next model after the A321LR. According to the Airbus plan, the first A321XLR aircraft will be delivered in 2023. The new model will be noted for its increased flight range, being calculated up to approximately 8700 kilometers. At the same time, the new A321XLR will have up to 30% less fuel consumption than other competitors of its generation. Next, the A321XLR will be part of the family of single-aisle aircraft - the A320neo.

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