DAN AIR has been flying for the Fly Baghdad company since December

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DAN AIR, the 100% Romanian air operator, will start flying for the Fly Baghdad company from Iraq. The first flight will take place on December 23, on the Baghdad-Berlin route. The Iraqi airline leased a DAN AIR aircraft under an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) partnership. The partnership was concluded in the context of Fly Baghdad being banned from flying to Europe. DAN AIR will operate the flights from Iraq to Europe for a period of two years.

Which destinations will DAN AIR fly to from Iraq in December

DAN AIR will fly, based on the ACMI partnership, from Baghdad and Erbil to Berlin, Dusseldorf and Copenhagen. The December schedule looks like this:

  • December 23 Baghdad-Berlin
  • December 24 Berlin-Erbil
  • December 24 Erbil-Dusseldorf
  • December 25 Dusseldorf-Erbil
  • December 26 Erbil-Berlin
  • December 27 Berlin-Baghdad
  • December 27 Baghdad-Dusseldorf
  • December 27 Dusseldorf-Erbil
  • December 28 Erbil-Copenhagen
  • December 28 Copenhagen-Erbil
  • December 29 Erbil-Dusseldorf
  • December 30 Dusseldorf-Baghdad

"Practically we, as a partner, will help the Fly Baghdad company in transporting passengers to destinations in Europe where the Iraqi company currently does not have the right to fly. The demand for these flights is high, considering that there are many passengers traveling for personal or business purposes. Beyond the operation of these flights, where DAN AIR will provide the aircraft with all the crew, our company will also help the partners in Iraq to regulate themselves from a legislative point of view so that, in the future, they can operate these flights under their own brand ", said the CEO of DAN AIR, Matt Ian DAVID.

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