Dan Air has put the tickets for flights from Bucharest and Brașov on sale!

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As of April 1, the airline Dan Air (ex JUST-US AIR) put air tickets on sale for flights from Bucharest and Brașov to eight European destinations. The tendency has been to think that it is an April fool's trick, only it is not.

Starting June 15, Dan Air intends to fly from Brașov to destinations: Brussels, Munich, Nuremberg, Milan Linate, London Gatwick, Barcelona and Budapest. From June 3, Dan Air plans to fly from Bucharest to destinations: Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Tel Aviv, Milan, Rome, Beirut, London, Barcelona and Budapest. The price of plane tickets will start from 39 euros/segment to Budapest and can reach 99 euros/segment to Barcelona.

Their operational plan sounds very good including at the level of hours. Surprisingly, they got some good slots at some busy airports in Europe. After a short stuttering with the authorities in Brașov, which were taken by surprise, it seems that now they would have confirmed that there is a possibility for Dan Air to fly from Brașov International Airport.

The Dan Air fleet consists of Airbus A319 / A320 aircraft. Four aircraft are assigned to the company: YR-URS; YR-DSE; YR-JUL and YR-RAM. Only two aircraft are in operational service: YR-DSE and YR-RAM.

Until now, Dan Air operated charter flights and leased the planes to other airlines. It's a brave move to get on frequent, scheduled flights.

The article is informative and we do not tell you what to do, whether or not to buy tickets at Dan Air. Do what you think is best. It's just that the experience of recent years makes us more pragmatic. Hopefully the flights will be operated and everyone will be happy!

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