Dan Ștefănescu took off and will never land again! Fly smoothly to the heavens, master!

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For lovers of flights and aviation in Romania, March 26, 2022 will always have a special load. It is the date when a special man left us, a very good acrobatic pilot, a Boeing 737 aircraft commander with over 16000 flight hours.

On March 26, 2022, around 15:00, a news item would disturb the Romanian aviation world. A small acrobatic plane crashed near Strejnic airfield. Authorities said the 55-year-old pilot had lost his life. It was confirmed that it was the master Dan Stefănescu, the right wing in the band Acrobat Iacării. Dan has taken off and will never land again!

For those who went to BIAS, they certainly heard of Dan Stefănescu, the one who flew in formation with the jacks and at the end they had the incendiary show Air Bandits with Jurgis Kairys.

Romanian Air Forces they summed up very well who Dan Ștefănescu was: We extend our condolences to his family and loved ones. We appreciate his work as a close associate of the military and especially of military aviation. Dedicated to flying and proud to represent Romania together with his acrobatic team, he was present at the air shows (sometimes even in formation with IAK-52 military pilots), at the aerial evolutions from the Arc de Triomphe on the occasion of the National Day or at the Monument Aviation and Air Force Heroes of the Air, on the flyovers dedicated to the commemoration of the aces of the Romanian aviation.

A remarkable moment, through which he showed his nobility of soul, was when he fulfilled his dream of being again at the helm of an ace of World War II fighter aviation, General Ion Dobran, who then had 99 years, on a flight from Bucharest to Bănești airfield in 2018.

Dan Ștefănescu, with over 16000 active flight hours as a pilot-in-command and flight instructor on the Boeing 737 aircraft, lover of acrobatics, took the name of the Romanian aviation to international competitions, as a member of the National Acrobatics Team, National Acrobatics Champion and fixed point landing, Master of motor sport.

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