Denmark imposes restrictions on those traveling from certain regions of France, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland!

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The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has again updated the travel rules imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and announced new measures to be applied to unvaccinated travelers arriving from regions in France, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland. They entered into force on July 30, at 16:00.

In line with the recently announced changes, the following EU / Schengen regions have been transferred to the yellow category of Denmark:

  • France: Normandy, Grand Est, Pays de la Loire, Brittany, New Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Greece: North Aegean Sea
  • Portugal: Madeira
  • Switzerland: Geneva

Consequently, those vaccinated / who have passed through the disease can travel from these regions to Denmark without being subject to entry restrictions. In contrast, unvaccinated persons traveling from one of these regions must comply with the test rules as soon as they enter Denmark.

"On return from yellow countries, travelers who have not been fully vaccinated or previously infected are required to undergo a post-entry test." mentioned the ministry.

With regard to countries and regions outside the EU / Schengen area, Denmark placed Fiji and Iraq in the red category. This means that, among other things, arrivals from the two countries will now be subject to stricter requirements for self-isolation and testing.

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