Daniel Jumuga (Nobo) won Chefs without limits 2022 and the grand prize worth 30 EURO

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On April 27, 2022, Chefs without limits, the cooking show on Antena 1, announced its big winner. Three strong competitors - Laura Eremia (Chef Sorin Bontea), Daniel Jumuga (Nobo) (Chef Sorin Bontea) and Istvan Kozocsa (Chef Cătălin Scarlătescu) - fought to get as many plates as possible from a jury of restaurant managers with Michelin stars and renowned chefs in Greece and Romania.

Those who decided who deserved the "Chefs without limits" trophy were Chef Ettore Botrini, one of the most appreciated chefs in Greece, the holder of a Michelin star; Chef Adam Kodovas and Chef Vasilis Mouratidis, two of the judges Chefs with knives the Greek version; Chef Florin Dumitrescu, for the first time in the position of judging a final; Marius Tudosiei and Chef Iosif Ștefănescu, who in addition to the role of co-presenters of the show are also two great connoisseurs of gastronomic art.

The three competitors had to prepare a starter, a main course and a dessert. Each preparation was marked separately by the jury, and in the end the one who obtained the highest average was designated the winner.

The evening culminated with the spectacular moment when Irina Fodor handed the chef's trophy Sorin Bontea and the 30.000 euro check to Daniel Jumuga (Nobo), the big winner of the 2022 Chefs without Limits edition.

We remind you that the edition Chefs without limits 2022 took place in Greece for two months and 10 spectacular destinations on Greek soil.

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