From Cluj, you will be able to travel with liquids in your hand luggage.

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Anyone who has traveled by plane at least once knows that you are not allowed to pass liquids at the security checkpoint. Whether it's water, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, you're not left with them in your luggage. Most of the time, you had to throw them away. And where exceptions are made, such as a baby's water, it is passed separately from the luggage.

But we have good news from the International Airport Avram Iancu Cluj. Authorities announce that, from 2021, passengers will be able to pass without problems with liquids in hand luggage

You will be able to travel with liquids in your hand luggage

On November 12, the first C3 standard security equipment for processing passengers and cabin baggage arrived at Cluj Airport, the rest being received by the end of November. The new equipment will be used for security control starting in 2021.

By installing this equipment, the security control process will be streamlined and the processing time of passengers will be reduced due to the superior scanning capacity. At the same time, standard C3 EDS equipment allows cabin baggage to be scanned without the need for passengers to remove large liquids, aerosols or electronics from hand luggage. The equipment will be equipped with an integrated automatic tray return system.

The aim of the project is to achieve an integrated cabin baggage security control system at the highest standard set by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), for the detection of prohibited articles in passenger baggage.

The equipment was purchased within the Project "Standard C3 hand luggage scanning equipment with integrated automatic tray management / return system “- Code SMIS2014 + 120737, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014 - 2020. The total value of the financing contract is 29.641.623,44 lei, of which 98% represent European funds, and 2% is the contribution of Cluj Airport.

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