December, the month when the Romanians return home

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December is the busiest month of the year for flights to and from Romania, say statistics. Since the summer, Romanians book their flights for holidays abroad or in the cities where they work for Bucharest.

It increases the number of airline tickets with the travel date in December. Compared to the rest of the year, it exceeds 40%. Approximate 70% of the tickets sold there are inbound tickets, which have as final destination Bucharest.

Most Romanians, who live abroad, choose to return to the country during the winter holidays. 45% of inbound flights for December are booked in advance in September or October, and about 30% are booked last-minute at the beginning of December.

If you haven't managed to get your plane tickets home, hurry up. Prices are rising!

Flights from London to destinations in Romania!

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- Flights London - Timisoara - London
- Flights London - Craiova - London
- Flights London - Suceava - London
- Flights London - Iasi - London

Flights from Italy to destinations in Romania!

- Flights Rome - Bucharest - Rome
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- Flights Rome - Iasi - Rome
- Flights Milan - Bucharest - Milan
- Flights Milan - Iasi - Milan
- Flights Milan - Timisoara - Milan
- Flights Turin - Bucharest - Turin

Flights from Spain to destinations in Romania!

- Flights Madrid - Bucharest - Madrid
- Flights Barcelona - Bucharest - Barcelona
- Flights Valencia - Bucharest - Valencia
- Flights Malaga - Bucharest - Malaga

December is also the month in which Romanians pay most of their extra baggage fees or extra luggage hold. 80% of airline tickets sold for December include at least one hold baggage. In the rest of the year this percentage drops to about 40%.

"December is one of the busiest months in terms of air travel. Our colleagues at the call center provide 24 / 7 assistance even during the holidays, precisely because we have a lot of passengers, especially during the 22 December 2016 - 2 January 2017. We advise customers to take a minimum of 3 hours for airport check-in and security check-in formalities or to check the websites of the airports where they will depart for any changes or modifications. We are in constant contact with the airlines, but also with the main airports to which Romanian passengers travel, in order to be able to announce any changes in time. " said Daniel Truică, Managing Partner of


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