Delta Air Lines blocks mid-seat seats in its aircraft until April 2021

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Delta continues its commitment to industry leadership and offers more space on board, being the only US airline to block seats in the middle and limit the capacity of all scheduled flights until April 30, 2021. Thus, Delta ensures that passengers can plan and book confidently spring trips. 

Delta has taken customer feedback into account and prioritized preferences by giving more space by blocking seats in the middle and reducing the total number of people on each planned flight, from April 2020 to the present. 

Delta was one of the few airlines that decided to block the middle seat in order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. Although studies have shown that it is not necessary to lock the middle seat, Delta will continue to implement this measure to provide more peace of mind to passengers.

IATA even warned: Mandatory flight mask YES / Empty seat in the middle NO. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO / ICAO) - the UN body responsible for aviation - has formulated comprehensive recommendations for airlines and airports, without requiring locking the middle seat.

We can say that it is also an image action, in the hope that it will attract more passengers on board. In the context of the current pandemic, many flights had a low degree of load, and passengers were able to stay away.

In addition to this measure, Delta Air Lines has implemented a series of anti-COVID-19 measures on board aircraft and at HUB airports. He even drew a pencil interactive map with the routes served and restrictive measures imposed at destination.

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