Delta Air Lines employs on-board companions

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Delta Air Lines wants to hire up to 400 as board companions, especially for the transoceanic routes it will operate from 2013. We are looking for Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Hindi speakers, especially the languages ​​of the countries where Delta will fly.

The announcements were posted on the Delta Air Lines jobs page on 12.12.2012, and 22 000 applications closed. The interviews will take place in January, and the training will start in the spring. The courses will last approximately 8 weeks, during which the chosen ones will receive accommodation and training salary!

Even if hiring is done, that doesn't mean the airline is doing very well. Delta Air Lines is looking for solutions to make the most of it and to operate profitable flights.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old and entitled to work in the United States. Must have the ability to work with the public, to handle crisis situations, to move to the United States or to any Delta base. High school graduates are sought, and higher education can be an advantage. Future Delta flight attendants need to speak and write English, but also Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Hindi.

For more details, visit the Delta Air Lines jobs page!

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