Delta Air Lines requires all airlines to make public the lists of passengers stranded on flights

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In a major crackdown on unruly passengers, US giant Delta Air Lines wants all airlines to share their lists of banned passengers, with the aim of eliminating the disorderly behavior on board aircraft that has grown in the United States.

According to a report by CBS News, over 1600 people were stranded by Delta Air Lines. Most of the scandals started with passengers not wanting to wear masks on planes.

According to CBS estimates, in the United States there are blacklists with over 4000 people stranded on the flights of various airlines. This number does not include the lists of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines because these companies do not publish their data.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received 4 reports from airlines this year of undisciplined passengers, including 385 reports involving passengers who refuse to comply with federal mask requirements.

CBS also reports that air operators have been enforcing federal mandates for wearing masks since June 2020, and the FAA has implemented its zero-tolerance policy on undisciplined behavior. The Agency has initiated 789 investigations so far, in 2021, a strong increase compared to the 183 investigations it initiated in 2020.

The FAA has announced that it has sought $ XNUMX million in fines as part of civil enforcement actions against unruly passengers.

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