Delta Air Lines will accelerate the recall of MD-88, MD-90 and Boeing 767 aircraft

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Faced with a significant drop in travel demand, in addition to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines decided to accelerate the withdrawal of the McDonnell Douglas MD-88 / MD-90 and Boeing 767 aircraft from the fleet. old.

In the coming months, Delta Air Lines plans to temporarily retain approximately 60% of the fleet, which means approximately 600 aircraft. Delta reduces its international operations by 80% in the next two to three months. At the same time, it will delay the delivery of new aircraft for an indefinite period, but most likely until the pandemic with the new coronavirus is eradicated.

Delta Air Lines is retiring airplanes with an average age of over 22 years

Delta Air Lines has 77 Boeing 767 aircraft, whose average age is over 22 years old. However, only 44 of them are still flying, as 33 Boeing 767 aircraft have been parked. The airline took the first Boeing 767 in 1990, while the last aircraft of this type arrived in the Delta fleet in early 2000.

Delta Air Lines also has a similar number of MD aircraft, 73 in total 47 of which are MD-88 and 26 are MD-90. Age averages are similar to Boeing 767. MD-90 aircraft have an average age of 22,7 years, while MD-88 aircraft average about 28 years.

In conclusion, Delta Air Lines will retire 150 aircraft from its fleet, which have an average age of over 22 years.

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