Danube Delta - corner of heaven - #deltadunariipentrutoti ep. 1 (photo reports)

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During 17-19 May, at the invitation of Genius Travel, I was in the Danube Delta through the program #deltadunariipentrutoti. This corner of heaven is no stranger to me, being from Măcin, Tulcea County. But with pleasure I go whenever I have the opportunity.

Romania has one of the most beautiful deltas in Europe, a wonderful place that you must see at least once in your life. And I am glad to see that there are people who want to develop tourism in the area. Starting with 1992, the Danube Delta has entered the UNESCO world heritage, being classified as a national biosphere reserve in Romania and as a national park in the international taxonomy of IUCN. (International Union for Conservation of Nature). In view of this status, tourism in the Danube Delta must be made responsible and with great care.

The Danube Delta
The Danube Delta

According to the statistics presented by Bogdan Stefan, the owner of the Genius Travel travel agency and the one who took over the tourist complex in the Uzlina - Genius Delta Resort area, 8 out of 10 Romanians did not reach the Danube Delta. He is confident in the potential of this area, as we are, and he hopes to attract as many Romanians as possible to this wonderful place. For now, it does not rely on foreign tourists because the Danube Delta is not very well promoted internationally. First let's get to know our country and then present it to others.

In order not to keep up with the stories, I will present to you the Danube Delta in 3 photoreports, one for each day spent in this corner of the story. We have benefited from a program with 2 nights accommodation. We left on Sunday and returned on Tuesday.

Danube Delta - corner of heaven - #deltadunariipentrutoti - first day

On 17 May, in the early hours of the morning, we boarded and headed for Genius Delta Resort. The hotel is in the Uzlina area, on the bank of the Sfântu Gheorghe canal. The journey lasts approximately 6 hours, all with breaks. Now it also depends on the traffic, on the bus etc.

Road to the Danube Delta

Around 14: 00, we reached the transfer point. The hotel can only be reached by boat / boat.

Boat transfer to Genius Delta Resort
Pontoon Genius Delta Resort

We were greeted with a Dobrudian snack and a fishing lunch. From our discussions with Bogdan, I learned that buying fish for meals is one of the biggest problems we face. Being in the Delta, we would have expected the fish to be easy to buy and we could taste different types. But the reality is not so. According to the law, hoteliers are not allowed to buy fish directly from authorized fishermen and they are not allowed to fish. Thus, their only source of procuring fish remains cherhanaua, the place of intermediation between authorized fishermen and commercial units. But here, too, there are problems because these cherhanales give the fish to the big shops, and the accommodation units in the area do not have much to buy. In this regard, the authorities should intervene and change the legislation. Finally, what about the young entrepreneurs!


After a hearty meal, we retired to the shade or the sun, according to each one's preferences. Many of us tried the outdoor pool, others stayed in hammock stories, walked around the complex and enjoyed the tranquility of the Delta. We were already far from the hustle and bustle of cities, pollution and agitation. Perfect weather: sun, just over 20 degrees and no mosquitoes.

Swimming pool

In the evening we set sail with the boats through the Danube Delta, in a walk of about two hours. The Genius Delta Resort complex benefits from 3 boats from 10-12 seats, an investment of approximately 60 000 from EURO.

Boats Genius Delta Resort

I could admire the fauna and flora, I photographed swans, pelicans and many other birds.


The sunset caught us on the Delta channels, and the experience was magical. I traveled through many places in Romania and abroad, but the most beautiful sunset I saw in the Danube Delta.

Apus in Delta Dunarii
West in the Danube Delta
Apus in Delta Dunarii
West in the Danube Delta

After a fairytale walk, we retired to the Hotel. Fatigue was already speaking. We had dinner and then continued the networking session late into the night. The boats were left to "rest", and some of us chose to relax in hammocks.



As for the rooms, I can say that it was very good for the Danube Delta. I stayed in an apartment in Codalb villa. Great living room, bathroom as well, only the small bedroom, but no more. I can say that I managed to rest very well.

The next day started at 8 in the morning, but about that in the next episode!


The photos were taken with Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera and smartphone Huawei P8 Lite from Cel.ro!

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    It's simply paradise on earth. Another world detached from another. Absolutely wonderful.

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