Delta thanks its employees in a unique way. See how much money the 90 employees received as a bonus!

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Delta has made a habit of paying part of the profit to its employees around the world. For the success of 2019, Delta has allocated $ 1.6 billion for the bonuses of approximately 90 employees.

This tradition dates back to 6 years, taking into account the latest reward. In the other 5 years, Delta has allocated a total of $ 6.5 billion for employee bonuses. A unique gesture, unmatched.

Delta thanks the employees

And this time, besides the money, Delta thanked the employees in a unique way. He painted an A321 aircraft with the message "thank you". The most interesting part is that the whole message is written with the names of all Delta employees.

Ed Bastian, Delta CEO, he said: "Delta would not mean anything without the 90.000 employees." And Joanne Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer Delta, he said: "We have often wondered what differentiates Delta from the rest of the airlines, and the answer is simple: our people."

The personalized “thank you” message was designed, realized and applied in the Delta TechOps hangar in Atlanta. The project lasted about a week. Through these actions, Delta demonstrates that it takes care of its employees.

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