Aerial demonstrations and plane rides from 1 to December 2012

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Pe December 1 this National Day of Romania, and the military parade is the attraction of the day. Each year, the latest equipment presented to the Romanian army is presented. It seems that in 2012, the official parade will not include aviation. This year we will no longer see airplanes and helicopters that roam the sky of Bucharest.

Lovers of airplanes, aviation, airlines can take part in a different parade. Fortunately for fans of air show, it will fly by National Day of Romania the ... Alternative stop. The event will take place on Șirna airfield and it will be organized in a military camp with a holiday party. There will be no missing demonstration flights, military parade, fanfare, cauliflower beans and boiled wine.

The organizers are APPAUM and Pilot Magazine, and the choice of location was not accidental. Șirna aerodrome was used as a base for airplanes defending refineries in Ploiești during World War II. The aerodrome is located at 40 km from Bucharest, near DN1, halfway to Ploiești.

Admission to this event is free, and the parade starts at 11. Those who do not have a car, you can use the public transport provided by organizers with departure from Piata Presei Libere, in the morning of the 1 December. The price of a round trip ticket is 20 lei.

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