Denmark will lift restrictions on vaccinated or immunized travelers from 1 May

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Denmark will remove travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic on entry into those arriving from the Member States of the United States European Union and from countries associated with the Schengen Area.

In a meeting with the Liberal Party, the Danish People's Party, the Radical Left, the Socialist People's Party, the Unity List, the Conservative People's Party, the Alternative and the Liberal Alliance, it was agreed to gradually reopen travel, taking into account the spread of the virus in the country.

In a press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that the border reopening agreement means that the travel instructions will be updated weekly, depending on the situation in each country and region. The travel ban had been imposed amid the spread of new variants of COVID-19 and extended several times and was to last at least until April 20.

Commenting on the decision, Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said the red list would no longer be used, while the weekly travel guides published by the Foreign Ministry would return. "Denmark is in an excellent position. We don't have to take risks now. Therefore, we must take into account the fact that the number of cases is increasing in several European countries and there is also the risk of new mutations ", said the minister. The decision also facilitates the Danish business community, which can now travel on business.

Denmark will lift travel restrictions from 1 May.

Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup applauded the decision, saying the move extends the list of recognized purposes for traveling. "In the long run, we agreed on the next phases of reopening, so that both Danes, foreigners, tourists and the business community are told what they can rely on, e.g. travel opportunities for fully vaccinated Danes and foreign tourists, if the development of the infection in Denmark and abroad allows it ".

The government and the parties agreed that the reopening of the country should take place in four stages. While phase 1 will take place on April 21 and consists of the return of weekly travel restrictions and maps showing the level of infections in each area of ​​the country, the other three phases will be larger steps towards reopening.

Stage 2, which starts on May 1, will allow Danes and foreigners who will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel, including for tourism purposes. Those who come from the red zone will remain subject to testing and quarantine.

Travelers entering Denmark from border countries will be exempted from the requirement of isolation after entering Denmark.

Phase 3, on the other hand, will take place from 14 May, when Denmark intends to vaccinate all older and most vulnerable citizens, as well as those over 50, at least with the first dose. . With the beginning of this phase, the incidence limit for the opening / closing of the countries / regions that are on the yellow and orange lists, will be increased from 20/30, as before, to 50/60 (100.000 / 7 days).

At the same time, people traveling for non-essential purposes in the country from the EU countries and the Schengen area on the orange list will be allowed to enter, although they will remain subject to tests and quarantine. Only vaccinated and immunized people will be eligible to enter without restrictions.

The last phase, the fourth, will be implemented with the launch EU digital vaccine certificate, on June 26. Those who arrive in Denmark with such a document will be able to enter without being quarantined.

People are more eager to travel than ever since the beginning of the pandemic. A recent survey shows that 95% of travelers would consider traveling immediately after lifting travel bans. 87% of these travelers say they desperately need to take a holiday trip outside their country of residence right now.

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