About the largest airports in the world (Quiz / Questionnaire)

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If we stay in houses, away from airports and airplanes, I invite you for fun. We have prepared a series of interactive articles to test your knowledge of this beloved industry. I am curious how much you love aviation, airplanes, flights and travel.

The first questionnaire will be about airports. There are over 17 airports and aerodromes approved for commercial flights worldwide. For some, airports are the second home. They are constantly developing and innovating to provide greater comfort to passengers. Any trip by plane starts and ends at the airport.

How well do you know the largest airports in the world?

Some airports have become huge, with large areas even the size of cities or islands. How well do you know the largest airports in the world? I have prepared for you 10 questions with and about airports. You can find many hints on the site AirlinesTravel.ro.



# 1. Which airport in the world has the largest area of ​​780 km2?


# 2. Which airport has the largest terminal with a single structure in the world?


# 3. Which airport in Europe is the busiest?


# 4. In 2019, a plane takes off from London Heathrow each…


# 5. Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the busiest airport in North America. How many people are employed at this airport?


# 6. Where is the highest control tower in the world, 132.2 meters high?


# 7. What caused China's Qamdo Bamda Airport (BPX) to have the longest asphalt runway in the world (5,5 kilometers)?


# 8. How many parallel runways does Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) have?


# 9. Which airport is the largest inland waterfall in the world?


# 10. Which is the busiest airport in the world?


That being said, I'll answer the questions :)! Leave comments with your results :)! Let's see who's honest.

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