About stress, with relaxation

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During the Romanian Tourism Fair 2014, the company Balneoclimaterica SA announced the opening of the Danubius Health Spa Resort Brădet hotel in Sovata, during a brunch event entitled “About stress, with relaxation”, which was hosted by Romexpo. It was the first conference of its kind I attended and I am glad to see that someone emphasizes stress, given that more and more people are stressed and very few know / recognize the causes and how to combat them.

During the event, the causes and effects of stress on our lives were discussed, about the role of body therapies in stress management, Danubius Health Spa Brădet hotel being among the few in the country that offers anti-stress tourist packages (integrated body & mind therapy) for physical and mental rebalancing . The anti-stress packages complement the offer of wellness, prevention or balneoclimateric treatment services of the Danubius chain.

Journalists, tourism bloggers, representatives of some corporations and partner travel agencies were present, along with company representatives: Mr. Nagy Janos Fulop, General Manager of Balneoclimaterica SA, Dr. Suzana Pretorian, Medical Director Danubius Health Spa, Andrei Rusu, Director Operations and Erik Szoboszlai, Director of Marketing and Sales at Danubius Hotels Group.

At the end of the refurbishment work, after June this year, the Danubius Health Spa Hotel Brădet will be classified in the 4 * superior category. The value of the investment amounts to over seven million euros.

Details of the anti-stress program Danubius Sovata

The program is designed on 3 components: relaxation, effort readjustment and stress counseling coordinated by a specialist (psychologist). Includes: medical consultation, 2 antistress counseling sessions (optional) performed by the psychologist, 13 procedures (eg: medical massage, underwater massage, magnetotherapy, general galvanic baths / 4 cellular, oxygen therapy, inhalations, electrotherapy, individual packages with mud. , relaxing baths with herbs or essential oils, autogenous training, etc.).

Note: Counseling for stress is a discussion of counseling, not psychotherapy. It is not recommended for people suffering from major stress or psychiatric problems.

From the whole conference, I came to the conclusion that stress is the basis of many physical and mental illnesses. Maybe we should be more careful about our health.

Physical and Psychological diseases triggered by stress
Physical and Psychological diseases triggered by stress

To neutralize stress, we must recognize the state of stress, define personal stressors, and even treat a number of organic diseases.

Neutralizarea stresului
Stress neutralization

Travel can help to neutralize stress. So I recommend more movement, more outdoor walks, more trips, more vacations and even ignore certain elements of your life that irritate and upset you. Even eating can prevent stress or aggravate stress. Be Zen!

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