fbpx Destinations operated by Blue Air during the 2015 summer schedule

Blue Air destinations in the 2015 summer schedule

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After a period of "turbulence", Blue Air began to fly higher and higher. It has expanded its activity beyond the country's borders by opening two bases at Turin (Italy) and Larnaca (Cyprus). It has increased its fleet to 11 aircraft and will probably not stop there, and this will lead to new routes and broadening horizons.

In addition to the operational side, Blue Air has begun to introduce new services on board, for example Blue Bistro, but also to provide another comfort by introducing slim seats. AirlinesTravel kept you up to date with the news and I always wrote when news about new routes or services appeared.

For the summer of 2015, Blue Air announced the operational destinations:

- from Bucureşti: Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Brussels, Catania, Dublin, Florence (NOVEMBER March NOVEMBER), Cologne, Larnaca, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Malaga, Milan (Bergamo), Milan (Linate), Naples, Nice, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Turin, Valencia;
- from Bacau: Bologna, Brussels, Catania (20 Jun 2015), Dublin, Liverpool, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Turin;
- from Sibiu: Stuttgart;
- from Constanta: Milan (Bergamo) (1 April 2015);
- from Larnaca: Athens, Thessaloniki;
- from Turin (Caselle): Bari (1 May 2015), Catania, Ibiza (4 June 2015).

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