fbpx British Airways destinations operated by Concorde (brochure)

British Airways destinations operated by Concorde from 1977

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British Airways has an interesting history of Concorde. It all started on January 21, 1976, when BA and Air France inaugurated the first routes operated with Concorde. Air France has launched Paris - Rio de Janeiro, and British Airways has launched London Heathrow - Bahrain.

British Airways destinations operated by Concorde

Exactly, the British operator began the history of the 27 years of Concorde by flying to Bahrain, an independent and sovereign island country in the Middle East. Why? Probably not many remember. We didn't find an explanation either. Transoceanic flights to the United States began on 26 May 1976, and the first US destination was Dulles International, Washington.

In the booklet below, published in 1977, British Airways highlighted the introduction of New York on the map of destinations operated with Concorde.

Flights to New York were inaugurated on November 22, 1977, when the Supreme Court lifted the Concorde aircraft ban in New York. British Airways used the "Speedbird Concorde" call code to alert traffic controllers and warn them about the Concorde, a plane with unique abilities and various restrictions.

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The Concorde aircraft (G-BOAD) was the only one painted in hybrid livery - British Airways and Singapore Airlines. In 1977, the two airlines operated Concorde flights on the London-Singapore codehare route. Flights to Singapore were operated via. Bahrain.

We will return with more information from the history of Concorde and British Airways.

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