Flight details RO361 (Bucharest - Amsterdam) TAROM

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In the morning of this day, I notified you on facebook about the RO361 route, who made his way back to Bucharest. TAROM also sent an explanation regarding this flight.

The RO361 flight to Amsterdam took off from Henri Coanda Airport at 9: 00. After 25 minutes, the crew noticed an inadequate indication on the plane and made the decision to return to Bucharest, putting the safety of passengers first.

PHOTO: Björn Wylezich / planespotters.net

The Boeing 737 aircraft landed successfully in Bucharest, and the passengers were landed and are assisted by company representatives. They were never in danger. Passengers will leave for Amsterdam with another TAROM flight, with departure scheduled at 13: 10

Regarding the situation of the aircraft, after verification, the technicians found that it was a minor malfunction at the air conditioning system. A friend of AirlinesTravel.ro, who was aboard this flight, said that it smelled hot in the cabin.

All's well that ends well!

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