The difference between quarantine and isolation! How to temporarily suspend quarantine!

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Quarantine is for people who are not infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but are in one of two situations: arrive in Romania from other states or are in direct contact with an infected person. Isolation is established for infected individuals (who test positive for a PCR or antigen).

The difference between quarantine and isolation

For special situations involving participation in family events related to birth, marriage or death, travel for medical interventions / treatments in cases that do not support postponement such as oncological conditions, chronic renal failure in the hemodialysis program, but not limited to them, exchange of identity documents, leaving the country, presentation at the vaccination center according to the schedule for vaccination, etc., the temporary suspension of the quarantine measure can be analyzed, based on the supporting documents.

How to temporarily suspend quarantine!

The analysis is performed at the level of the county centers for coordination and management of the intervention.

However, if we carefully analyze the actions prohibited during the alert state, we find that private events such as weddings, baptisms, festive meals and the like are not allowed. At the same time, activity in bars, clubs or discos is not allowed.

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