The difference between direct flight, non-stop flight, connecting flight

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I have been thinking about this article for a very long time and kept putting it off for various reasons. But that's it, I decided to write a few lines about the difference between direct flights, non-stop flights, non-stop flights.

And that's because many of you who read us have kept asking us about such flights, differences and how it is better to travel. Obviously, everything is influenced by price.

Direct flight vs. non-stop flight

Although we tend to believe that direct flight and non-stop flight are one and the same, in reality it is not so. There was a major difference between them.

The direct flight is the one operated under the same call sign and without changing the plane, but which involves one or more stops. In general, we are talking about technical refueling stops, but there can also be commercial stops.

And here I give you 2 simple examples. A first example is the flights he operated Blue Air on the route Iași - Timișoara - Iași via Cluj. One call sign, a trade stop. Another example is flights between Great Britain and Skiathos Island from Greece. Some flights are operated with Boeing 757-200 aircraft, and these they need a technical stop in Thessaloniki for the direction Skiathos - Great Britain.

Non-stop flights are those that can connect 2 airports without stopping. You get on the plane, fasten your seat belt, take off and touch the ground at your destination.

Connecting flight

Stopover flights are actually combinations of flights needed for you to reach your destination. When looking for connections between 2 airports, in addition to direct / non-stop flights, you also have connecting flights. This means that you go on a flight, you arrive at the intermediate airport and from here you will take another flight to your final destination. Change the plane and often even change the airline.

If we refer strictly to Romania, there are many destinations to which you can travel only with stops, without non-stop flights.

Obviously, it is best to travel non-stop or direct flights. But in certain circumstances, especially price and availability, it is good to opt for connecting flights.

I hope you find this information useful the next time you choose to travel!

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