From May 16, Italy gives up the 5-day quarantine for those traveling from the EU, including Romania

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As of Sunday, May 16, Italy is giving up the 5-day quarantine for those traveling from the EU, the UK and Israel. However, the presentation of the negative PCR / antigen test for COVID-19 will remain in force. Authorities hope to boost the summer season in Italy and relaunch tourism.

According to the normative act, the persons who were or transited the Romanian territory (Romania being included together with other states on list C of annex 20 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of March 2, 2021) have the obligation to present to the carrier at boarding or to any person designated to carry out checks the negative result of a molecular test (PCR type) or antigen capture for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, carried out no later than 48 hours before entry into Italian territory.

CAREFUL!!! Who does not present the aforementioned document have the following obligations:

  • to be subject to the sanitary surveillance measure and to carry out the self-isolation, for a period of 10 days, at their domicile or residence;
  • after performing the 10 days of self-isolation, to be undergo a buffer-type molecular or antigen test to detect SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

As the number of people vaccinated increases, more and more European countries want to relax anti-covid measures, especially to encourage tourism. Italy, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria are among the countries that have requested the unified vaccination, testing and recovery registration system COVID-19, which will be implemented from June to allow more mobility. 

It is no longer quarantined if you take a negative COVID-19 test when entering Italy

Until today, May 15, Italy requires (European travelers) negative test of COVID-19 upon entry into the country, 5-day quarantine and then retest. Isolation for those traveling from third countries applied a higher quarantine. Entry restrictions for those traveling from Brazil will remain in place, the Italian health ministry said. 

The government has also extended so-called COVID test flights to cover some destinations in Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. There will be no quarantine for those who show negative results on arrival on these routes, as well as for certain flights to Rome, Milan, Naples and Venice. Although they are required to provide a negative test before travel, passengers on these flights will be tested on arrival and, if negative, will be exempted from quarantine. 

In conclusion, those who want to travel between Italy and Romania can do so only with negative tests for COVID-19, without being in quarantine. We remind you that Romania changed the yellow list based on the epidemiological index with the traffic light list (red, yellow, green) based on the incidence rate. Italy is in the yellow zone again those who will travel from Italy to Romania with a negative PCR test will be exempted from quarantine.

  1. Elena says

    If I am vaccinated with both doses + 10 days after the last dose. Do I still have to take a test to enter Italy?
    Thank you

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, you need a test to enter Italy

      1. Elena says

        Even if I have proof of vaccination?

        1. Elena says

          And to go back to Ro in Italy. Also with a negative test? (Does the proof of vaccination not work at all?)
          I apologize for these many questions

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