As of April 26, Air Canada has suspended all flights to the United States

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Due to the extension of travel restrictions between the United States and Canada, Air Canada has decided to suspend flights to / from the United States. The decision will take effect from April 26, the date of the last Air Canada flight operated between Canada and the United States.

Under the agreement between the US and Canadian governments, travel restrictions will apply for 30 days. Under these circumstances, Air Canada could resume scheduled flights between Canada and the US from 22 May 2020. Obviously, subject to the restrictions imposed by both governments at that time.

Affected passengers can change their travel details without being charged. More information about Air Canada's cancellation / reimbursement / reprogramming policies can be found on the airline's website

Air Canada, Canada's largest airline, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 16, Air Canada (along with all subsidiaries) has reduced the operational schedule by over 90% of all scheduled flights.

After the United States announced the first travel restrictions, Air Canada adjusted the flight schedule. As of March 21, the Canadian carrier was only flying to 11 US destinations from its 3 major Canadian hubs. And from April 26, 2020, Air Canada will suspend all flights to the United States. It remains to be seen if and under what conditions the flights will be resumed after May 22.

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