From November 2018, RYANAIR flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the end of last month, RYANAIR announced the launch of flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will be launched in November 2018 and will go to Brussels Charleroi and Memmingen.

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When it comes to low cost companies, opinions are divided. We, as an online magazine specializing in aviation and flights, have seen in low-cost companies only opportunities to travel at good prices to different, less accessible destinations.

RYANAIR flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina

We know very well that low-cost operators choose to fly to secondary airports in major cities and even in non-competitive areas.

On April 23, RYANAIR announced the first flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina. These will be operated from November 2018 on the routes: Banja Luka - Brussels Charleroi and Banja Luka - Memmingen. 2 weekly flights will be operated on each route.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the 37 country to which RYANAIR will fly, giving passengers the opportunity to travel cheaper in Europe. Rates start at € 19.99 / segment. At the same time, it offers tourists new opportunities to discover wonderful places in the Balkans.

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