Bosnian Wand Airlines has suspended activity

The Directorate of Civil Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has revoked all rights of the Bosnian Wand Airlines operator

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Bosnian Wand Airlines, an airline based in 2014 and based in Sarajevo International Airport, planned to launch more flights between Sarajevo and destinations in Europe from February 20: Amsterdam, Athens, Frankfurt, Malmo and Stockholm.

But since Bosnian Wand Airlines does not hold a valid Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which should have been issued by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its flights were to be operated under the "H3" code that it belongs to. operator Hermes Airlines. Hermes Airlines is a subsidiary of Air Méditerranée and is based in Athens.

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Bosnian Wand Airlines leased an Air Méditerranée Airbus A321-111 (F-GYAN / msn 535) and wanted to start operating charter flights from January 2015 and line flights. But he managed to operate a single flight, the one dedicated to the press, on the Sarajevo-Athens route.

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There is a temporary permit issued for flights between Athens and Sarajevo, but the rights were mainly granted to the airline Hermes Airlines. This was possible because the flights are operated under the Greek carrier codes.

However, authorities have requested regulations from Bosnian Wand Airlines regarding its partnership with Hermes Airlines. As there was no response from Bosnian Wand Airlines, until January 30 2015, all rights were revoked.

Officials from both camps, those from the Bosnian Wand Airlines airline and those from the Civil Aviation Directorate will meet at Banja Luka on Wednesday to discuss licensing issues. Bosnian Wand Airlines officials hope to receive Air Operators Certificate (AOC) that will allow it to operate commercial flights departing from Sarajevo.

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