Discovering New Zealand: A Gamblers Paradise


Beyond its unspoiled vistas and hospitable atmosphere, surprisingly, New Zealand also offers a vibrant casino landscape that attracts gambling enthusiasts worldwide, and combining a trip with the best outdoor experiences and the best land-based casinos in New Zealand is becoming very popular. If you're looking for a unique travel experience that combines beautiful scenery and exciting gaming options, adding New Zealand to your travel wishlist is worth considering.

Adventure Tourism Ideas for New Zealand

If you're into adventure tourism and want to experience what this island has to offer in terms of adrenaline and high BPM, then here's a list of activities that you shouldn't miss:

Bungee jumping

Queenstown, the birthplace of commercial bungee jumping, offers heart-racing experiences with stunning river views. Try Kawarau Bridge Bungy or the highest in the country, Nevis Bungy, for the ultimate thrill


Adrenaline seekers can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush by booking a skydive over New Zealand's spectacular scenery. Some of the best locations in the country for skydiving are Taupo, Bay of Islands, and Wanaka.

Hiking the 9 Great Walks

While it may not be as thrilling as the previous two options, hiking one of the nine Great Trails delivers a great experience with breathtaking views. Whether you go for The Milford Track, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, or Routeburn Track, you'll be in for a thrill.

White Water Rafting

If getting wet is your thrill, New Zealand has incredible whitewater experiences. The Kaituna River in Rotorua is one of the best places for rafting, with the internationally famous waterfall. The East Coast's Buller or Hokitika rivers are just as good.

Ice Climbing and Glacier Hiking

Discover the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers on the West Coast of the South Island with guided hikes and ice-climbing experiences for a unique adventure.

Gambling and Casino Tourism in New Zealand

Beyond its beautiful scenery and warm hospitality, New Zealand also boasts a thriving casino scene attracting worldwide gambling enthusiasts. These casinos offer more than just a variety of games. They also provide luxurious experiences that combine culture and entertainment. Below are some of the best casinos in New Zealand, each of which is a destination in its own right.

SkyCity Auckland

At the top of the list is a beacon of entertainment located in the heart of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. We're discussing an integrated resort with over 2,100 and 150 table games. It caters to all sorts of players, both the dedicated ones and the curious ones who just want to get a feel of the atmosphere of a casino floor.

SkyCity Auckland features top-notch dining with 20+ bars and restaurants, a theater, and the iconic Sky Tower, boasting stunning city views. The complex includes two luxury hotels, making it an ideal stay-and-play destination beyond gambling.

Christchurch Casino

Located in the rejuvenated city of Christchurch, this casino is living proof of entertainment and resilience. It offers 500 slot machines, over 36 table games, extraordinary restaurants with live music, and numerous other entertainment events. It attracts tourists and locals just as much thanks to the unique blend of gambling thrill, showcase of the local culture, and numerous activity options.

Dunedin Casino

Third on our list, the Dunedin Casino is a unique one that blends elegance and old-fashioned charm. Located in the historic Grand Hotel, it's a boutique casino offering intimate gaming sessions with a smaller selection of slot machines and table games.

It could easily be the filming set for Eyes Wide Shut, thanks to the architecture, and gambling feels like home here. The unique settings, stunning architecture, and wide games library make it a top choice for gamblers worldwide.

SkyCity Hamilton

SkyCity Hamilton is a casino located on the banks of the Waikato River. This casino offers various gaming options, including table games and slot machines. What makes SkyCity Hamilton unique is its focus on providing family-friendly entertainment, such as ten-pin bowling and various dining options. It's an ideal place for individuals who want to enjoy gaming while entertaining their entire family.

Final words

Now that you're equipped with a complete guide to New Zealand's most thrilling experiences and premier gambling destinations, you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Nestled far from Europe, reaching New Zealand might mean embarking on one of the world's longest non-stop flights. Yet, the trip is absolutely worth it. With its stunning landscapes and unique experiences, this enchanting country is truly a dream destination. It's a place that should be on your bucket list, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

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