Disrupted traffic at Lyon-Saint Éxupéry airport (video)

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Yesterday evening, on 29 March 2013, Lyon-Saint Éxupéry airport was closed for about 2 hours because of an incident. An aircraft Airbus A321 Air Mediterraneo got off the track.

The plane was coming from Dakar (Senegal) via Agadir (Morocco) and failed to brake in time on one of the runways of the Lyon airport. The causes that led to the aircraft stopping at 300 meters beyond the runway are still unknown. The 174 passengers and 7 crew members were not injured and their evacuation was smooth.

Due to the incident, 8 flights that were to take off from Lyon were canceled, and those that were to land were redirected to Geneva, Marseille and Clermont-Ferrand. The traffic was resumed professionally after midnight.

Beginning this morning, traffic on Lyon-Saint Éxupéry is normal.

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