DJ Galo mixes an hour-long set against the incredible sunset of Tel Aviv (live)

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Tel Aviv Municipality organizes a dance concert during the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea, broadcast live worldwide on the roof of the City Hall

With billions of people in self-isolation, with closed borders and dozens of countries where social isolation is required by law, tourism is already nearing the end of the first month of losses and crisis due to the spread of Coronavirus in the world. However, there are tourist destinations that still remain close to their tourists and continue to communicate and convey that they are waiting for them as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

For example, the Ministry of Tourism of Israel together with the Municipality of Tel Aviv - Yafo host tonight (Friday, April 3), between 17:00 pm and 18:00 pm (Romania time), a live party broadcast from the roof of the City Hall in Tel Aviv in the presence of DJ Itay Galo.

DJ Galo will mix an hour-long set against the incredible backdrop of Tel Aviv's sunset.

The party will be broadcast live on the city's Facebook page and on Zoom and will be filmed from many different angles so that residents and people around the world can attend and dance right from their living room.

The concert takes place in the context in which Tel Aviv is known as the capital of entertainment for the countries of the Middle East. Unlike other destinations in the Gulf area, here you can have fun all night, drink alcohol and stay for an afterhours on the beach. Famous DJs from all over the world come here to mix and maintain the atmosphere until the morning. 

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