Just six days from KLM

Just six days from KLM

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In the fall there are the buds and the promotions. This year's KLM Romania Autumn Promotion will be launched under a special concept. For only six days, during the period 19-24 September 2013, travel lovers will be able to buy air tickets to intercontinental destinations at special prices.


The destinations are secret until 19 September, but until then I invite you to register on the site dedicated to this promotion, www.DoarSaseZile.ro, in order to receive the information as a priority. I don't really like being cheated, but this time I accepted the challenge of KLM and registered on the site mentioned above.

I heard that the discounts will be big, but the places will be limited. It remains to be seen how limited and I hope it is worth the wait. All those who will register on the site until 19 September, will be notified directly by e-mail about the start of the promotion and about the destinations included. So let's take advantage of this advantage.

I raise money and hunt for promotional rates! There are 11 days left!

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  2. Nuta Preda says

    I am planning a visit to Amsterdam!

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