Doubling the Laudamotion fleet and the new Laudamotion livery

Yesterday, at a press conference, Laudamotion officials presented plans for the future. Under the close supervision of the European Commission, RYANAIR took over 75% of Laudamotion.

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On 25 March 2018, Laudamotion took off in the world of aviation. The new Austrian air carrier has been reborn from the former FlyNiki company. We remind you that FlyNiki, part of the airberlin group, went bankrupt with the German carrier.

Former 1 Formula Champion Niki Lauda bought the assets of FlyNiki (the company he founded) and thus Laudamotion was born. After Niki Lauda announced Laudamotion, she immediately joined the RYANAIR thread and showed her intention to buy up to 75% of the new Austrian carrier and to support the development of this company.

Doubling the Laudamotion fleet

So it is that on 28 March, the partnership between RYANAIR and Laudamotion enters into force. A great plan has been announced for 2018: air bases in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, dozens of routes and hundreds of flights. Laudamotion currently owns 9 Airbus A319 / A320 / A321 aircraft.

The great Laudamotion plan for 2018 did not materialize 100%, but the new Austrian carrier flies a lot on charter routes and to holiday destinations. The European Commission has approved the transaction between RYANAIR and Laudamotion, which means that the Irish low-cost carriers have taken 75% from the Austrian carrier.

As usual, the press conference announcing the Laudamotion plan for 2019 was followed. First of all, it wants to double its own fleet so that it reaches 18 Airbus-type aircraft. The livery will also be changed, the current one being spun slightly on the knee and based on the old livery airberlin. At the same time, better conditions are announced for Laudamotion employees.

The new livery Laudamotion

The pilots will be very well paid. The commanders will have the basic salary of 90 000 € per year, but can reach 180 000 € per year by adding flight allowances, bonuses, etc. First Officer children will have basic salaries from 46 000 € per year, but will be able to reach the salary of 70 000 € per year by adding flight bonuses and allowances.

Everything is possible with the financial support from the RYANAIR carrier. The purpose is for Laudamotion to reach carrier no. 1 in Austria, a territory that RYANAIR could hardly exploit to its true value. But now he has an opportunity that he makes the most of.

We remind you that Laudamotion will open the route Vienna - Bucharest, announcing the first flight on 28 October 2018. Daily flights will be operated from Laudamotion base in Vienna, the main airport.

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