Are drones a threat to civil aviation?

At Routes Europe 2018, held in Bilbao, air safety specialists have sounded an alarm signal about drones. They said it is a matter of time until a drone will be used in terrorist attacks on civilian aircraft.

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It all started from a UK statistic, which announced 100 of incidents involving drones, 40 of which were classified as dangerous.

Last day I saw an analysis coming from ANSV (National Security Agency for Flight), which announced over 40 of aeronautical incidents, in which drones were involved. We also notified you when civilian aircraft suffered from following drones piloted near airports.

Another interesting statistic comes from the Aviation Safety Network. The ASN database counts over 3800 incidents involving unmanned drone aircraft. The types of drones found in the ASN database are: helicopter drones for ordinary consumers and professionals; large reconnaissance drones (this includes military ones) and radio-controlled aircraft.

Drones could be used in terrorist attacks

The problem is that many of them are piloted in forbidden areas, such as airports or flight / transit color. There are drones that can fly between 400 and 4000 meters, which makes them dangerous for civil aviation.

A number of air security specialists have sounded an alarm and said it is a matter of time before terrorists will use drones in their future terrorist attacks. The drone is a new technology, which can be practical and useful in many situations, but also dangerous if used in a negative way.

Are drones a threat to civil aviation? We look forward to your responses to this article!

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