Dubai - Auckland with Emirates, from 1 to March 2016

Dubai - Auckland with Emirates, from 1 to March 2016

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On 28 January 2016, Emirates made a "counter-offer" for the longest flight in the world. Starting with 1 March 2016, Emirates will operate the direct route Dubai - Auckland. Flights will be honored with aircraft of the type Boeing 777-200LR (Longer Range), configured in 3 classes: 8 seats in First Class, 46 seats in Business Class and 216 seats in Economy Class.

Dubai - Auckland with Emirates


By the end of March, Dubai - Auckland will be the longest route in the world, by distance (8810 miles / 14178 Kilometers) and by duration (17: 15 hours / 15: 55 hours).

Dubai - Auckland flight schedule with Emirates:

EK448 Dubai (DXB) 10: 05 - 11: 00 + 1 Auckland (AKL) 77L daily
EK449 Auckland (AKL) 21: 30 - 05: 45 + 1 Dubai (DXB) 77L daily

After 31 March 2016, when Emirates will open route Dubai - Panama City, Dubai - Auckland route will be the longest route in the world (8810 miles / 14178 Kilometers) with 370 km over Dubai - Panama City. But Dubai - Panama City will be the longest in the world after flight time, 17 hours and 35 minutes west.

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