Dubai - Panama City with Emirates, from 31 to March 2016

Dubai - Panama City with Emirates, from 31 to March 2016 - the longest flight in the world

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Starting with 31 March 2016, Emirates will begin operating flights on the route Dubai - Panama City. This is the first destination in Central America and will provide great connections to South America and beyond. However, Emirates will operate the longest flight in the world (17 hours and 20 minutes west). Also read about top 5 longest flights by plane.

Flights to Panama City, the capital of Panama and the largest city in terms of population, will be operated by aircraft Boeing 777-200LR, these being configured in 3 classes - 8 at First, 42 at Business and 216 at Economy. The aircraft can carry up to 15 of tonnes of freight, with the plan being the transport of pharmaceuticals, cars, iron / steel, electronics.

The route Dubai - Panama City will be honored with a daily flight, following the following schedule:

EX251 DXB 08: 05 - 16: 25 PTY 77L daily
EK252 PTY 22: 30 - 23: 30 + 1 DXB 77L daily

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