Dubai - Vienna with Airbus A380 Emirates

Dubai - Vienna with Airbus A380 Emirates

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Emirates consolidates its first position among Airbus A380 aircraft operators. He received the 80 super-jumbo from his fleet. The delivery ceremony took place at the Airbus plant in Hamburg Finkenwerder.

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The first flight operated by Airbus A380 (A6-EUB) was not to Dubai, but to Vienna. This one-off flight was part of the final planning phase of the opening of flights with A380 Emirates on the Dubai-Vienna route.

Dubai - Vienna flight schedule operated by Airbus A380 Emirates

DO NOT Vienna Vienna 128: 15 - 05: 22 Dubai

The mission of the Airbus A380 Emirates aircraft was to test ground technical procedures. The platform and the treads, the cleaning systems of the aircraft on the outside and inside were tested. The procedures for loading / unloading luggage and catering products were also tested.



In order to provide the necessary space for docking and handling of ground services, four gates of the Vienna airport will be merged into one.

At the same time, it was a good opportunity for Vienna officials and media representatives to visit an A380 Emirates, an aircraft with which Austrian passengers will be able to travel from 1 to July 2016.

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Airbus A380-Emirates-Vienna

According to the press release, Dubai - Vienna - Dubai flights carried approximately 3 million passengers. The route was inaugurated in 2004 and is frequented by 2 daily flights. By implementing A380, which can carry up to 519 passengers, Emirates will provide 1700 seating capacity per day between Dubai and Vienna.

Emirates supports approximately 1800 jobs in Austria through the weekly 14 frequencies between Dubai and Vienna.

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