Double delivery for KLM: 7 Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 3 Embraer 175

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On August 27, KLM received 2 new aircraft: the 7 Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the 3 Embraer 175. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is upgrading its fleet of new generation aircraft. 8 The 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to enter the fleet at the end of September. The 4 Embraer 175 will be received in October 2016.

787-KLM Boeing-Jasmine

AirlinesTV: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner KLM in Amsterdam


The seventh Boeing 787 Dreamliner KLM is called "Jasmine". KLM has announced it will christen its Dreamliner aircraft with flower names. Jasmine is a plant with white flowers, which gives off an intoxicating odor. The plant comes from South Asia and there are several species.

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