During a photo / video session, the Boeing 787-9 Turkish Airlines window melted

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The past days, the first Boeing 787-9 Turkish Airlines arrived in Istanbul. It is planned that the first commercial flight will be operating on 8 July, on the Istanbul - Antalya route.

And the first international commercial flight will be operated on 17 July, on the Istanbul - Denpasar (Bali) route. Following that it gradually flies to other destinations, such as: London, Dubai, Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, Mexico City, Cancun, Amsterdam, Delhi, Panama and Bogota.

The window of the Boeing 787-9 Turkish Airlines melted

But the operational schedule of the new 787 Dreamliner Turkish Airlines could be overturned due to a minor incident. In the case of a photo / video session, one of the windows melted.

PHOTO: AirportHaber

How was that possible? During the shooting inside the plane, studio lights were used. The heat from them was so strong that it damaged the window.

The windows on the Dreamliner aircraft are not like other aircraft models. Unlike traditional aircraft windows, the 787 window features an electrochromatic film in the middle of two thin pieces of glass. This means that it behaves differently from the classic windows. As evidence, it melted under strong heat.

Boeing sent a technical team to look into the case!

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