EASA has authorized the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for commercial flights

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The new Boeing 737 MAX, the model that incorporates several safety upgrades, has been authorized to resume flights in Europe. The announcement was made by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

The decision comes about 2 years after the blockage of this model on the ground, due to involvement in 2 accidents resulting in dozens of deaths.

The Boeing 737 MAX planes were detained on the ground in March 2019 following the crash of a 737 MAX Lion Air plane near Jakarta, on October 29, 2018, and a 737 MAX Ethiopian Airlines plane, on March 10, 2019, killing a total of 346 people.

Investigators determined that the main cause of the accidents was a faulty computer system that pushed the plane's snout down and could not be controlled by pilots.

The required changes to EASA include a software update package, a power system redesign, maintenance checks, operational manual updates, and new crew training programs.

The EASA decision comes weeks after FAA approval. The new 737 MAX aircraft also received free flights in Canada and Brazil. Since the beginning of December and until now, 737 MAX aircraft have operated over 1000 flights without incident.

It remains to be seen which European airlines will schedule flights with the new 737 MAX aircraft. LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Norwegian, among European air operators with 737 MAX in fleets.

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