easyJet works with GKN Aerospace to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen in aviation

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easyJet has announced that it is working with GKN Aerospace, the world's largest tier 1 multi-technology provider to the aerospace industry, to reduce carbon emissions in aviation by adopting zero-carbon technologies.

easyJet will support the development of GKN Aerospace's Hydrogen Combustion (H2JET) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell (H2GEAR) technology

H2GEAR is an innovative collaboration program run by GKN Aerospace in the UK, which aims to develop a liquid hydrogen propulsion system for subregional aircraft that could be extended to larger aircraft. Liquid hydrogen is converted into electricity in a fuel cell system. This electricity efficiently powers the aircraft, eliminating carbon emissions.

The H2GEAR program is supported by £ 27 million in ATI funding, matched by GKN Aerospace and its industry partners.

H2JET is a two-year Swedish collaboration program led by GKN Aerospace to drive the development of key hydrogen turbine gas propulsion subsystems for medium-range civil aircraft.

Supporting the development of a zero-carbon aircraft for decarbonizing aviation is a key goal for easyJet, and the airline is working with industry partners such as GKN Aerospace, as well as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Wright Electric. to accelerate the development of zero carbon technologies and support infrastructure. 

easyJet is optimistic that it could start carrying passengers on hydrogen-powered, hydrogen-powered or hybrid-powered airplanes by the end of the 2030s.

In 2019, easyJet became the first major airline in the world to offset the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all its flights and remains the only major airline in Europe to do so. This does not involve any additional costs for its customers, and the airline only supports projects that are certified by either the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard. This is an intermediate measure to address its short-term environmental impact.

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