easyJet recruits female pilots (Video)

easyJet is looking to recruit more female pilots. In order to encourage more women to make their way to the plane's sleeve, the low-cost carrier has launched a recruitment campaign.

More and more airlines want to hire female pilots and organize different campaigns to exchange some preconceived ideas. easyJet, one of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe, has launched a female driver recruitment company.

A short video was made, starting from a scene from the famous film Catch Me If You Can. Thus, easyJet hopes to change the misconceptions promoted by Hollywood films, such as Top Gun, The Aviator and Flyboys, in which pilots are exclusively men.

Female pilots

The video made by easyJet puts the spotlight on a young 9 year old girl named Hannah Revie, who is the daughter of Commander Emily Revie (easyJet). The girl is surrounded by a group of boys between the ages of 5 and 9 years, who play the role of on-board companions.

Hannah concluded: “I think girls can do whatever they want. I really enjoyed participating in the making of this film and it was great to be able to wear a real pilot uniform as a mother. One day, I can be a pilot like my mother and become the 5th pilot of the family. ”

This recruitment campaign came about after a survey of easyJet 500 pilots. The results show that 55% of male pilots thought about pursuing a career on the sleeve before the age of 10. While 50% of female pilots thought of this job after the age of 16.

EasyJet wants to hire as many female pilots, with the plan being to reach 20% of the total pilots. In 2015, only 5% of easyJet pilots were female. In 2017 the percentage increased to 13%. In the world, only 5% of the pilots are female, figures mentioned by the "International Society of Women Airline Pilots".

easyJet employs pilots

Also, following some research done by easyJet, it turned out that many children considered pursuing a pilot career after interacting with people in the field. Thus, easyJet wants to increase the visibility of pilots beyond airports and airplanes. In the 3 years since the launch of the "Amy Johnson Flying" initiative, easyJet pilots visited over 150 schools and colleges to present this profession.

In 2018, easyJet will recruit 460 new riders to keep up with the growth for the 3 year in a row. easyJey is looking for beginner pilots, who will have the opportunity to start their career on the sleeve, to experienced pilots, commanders from other airlines and even military pilots.

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