Economy class passengers can access TAROM BUSINESS LOUNGE

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TAROM offers to passengers traveling in the economic services class, the possibility to wait for the departure in the race, at the TAROM business class salon!

If the time left until boarding allows you to enjoy the special atmosphere and facilities of the TAROM business class lounge at Otopeni Airport. In addition to the permanent buffet and bar, at TAROM BUSINESS LOUNGE you have access to TV, PC and wi-fi internet.

Entry to TAROM BUSINESS LOUNGE can be made on the basis of a fee of 23 EUR which, in addition, gives you the right to carry out the registration formalities (check-in) at the TAROM business counter.

The purchase of this additional service, respectively the payment of the tax can be made when purchasing the ticket at any TAROM agency. However, it is advisable that the service be purchased from the TAROM ticket office at Otopeni Airport, depending on the actual time remaining until boarding.

If, however, due to congestion on the filters or passport control, the remaining time does not allow you to use this service, the invitation / voucher can be used for up to 3 months, even by another person.

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