Enhanced forces at Henri Coanda Airport

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A foreign passenger had to die in order to take special security measures on Otopeni Airport, according to the authorities. I can say that even during this period I did not get rid of the bishops and jepcarii in front of the airport. I came from Berlin on September 1st and the dubious people were present on duty with the famous "cheap taxi" line! Below is the official statement issued by the airport authority.

Following the 31 August meeting, from the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, convened by Mr. Secretary of State Valentin Preda, with representatives of CN Bucharest Airports, Ministry of Administration and Interior, SRI, but also with representatives of professional taxi drivers' organizations, both urgent measures to be implemented immediately and short-term measures were established.

Thus, the Ministry of Administration and Interior has stepped in to supplement the staff operating at Henri Coandă Airport on the public order and public lines, starting today, August 31, being formed joint police-gendarmerie patrols, which will be permanently active in public areas. Also, the controls carried out in the public areas of the airport were intensified.

Also, it was arranged to form an interdepartmental working group whose activity started immediately and which, in a very short time, will elaborate and subsequently implement a detailed program of measures.

At the same time, it was approved the finalization and implementation, by Ministerial Order, of a Code of Conduct applicable on the entire surface of the airports, including in the passenger terminals.

I would love to see these promises put into practice and not be close to all kinds of weird taxi drivers.

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