The effect of the pandemic on tourism and what travel will look like in the near future ( report)

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The impact of coronavirus on travel and on the airline industry has generated more gloomy or less positive assumptions since 6 months ago.

The specialists of, the largest online travel agency in Romania, made the first analysis of air travel after these 6 months of changes and uncertainties.

The most important conclusion confirms that airfare prices have fallen by 24% in the last half year compared to the same period last year. It was, without a doubt, the beginning of summer with fewer trips by plane, but the months of August and September still recovered from the loss of the period March - July.

The Romans gradually resumed air travel, became accustomed to wearing a protective mask at the airport and during the flight, and understood that the risks of air travel are no greater than exposure to other situations.

How coronavirus has changed tourism: Fewer trips and 24% lower prices

In the summer of 2020, Romanians bought plane tickets about 24% cheaper than in the previous year. According to data provided by, the average price of a plane ticket in the summer of 2020 was 154 euros, compared to 199 euros in 2019.

The biggest price drops were to destinations in Italy, where fares fell by up to 45%, and the average price of a plane ticket was 112 euros.

The volume of domestic flights has suffered significant declines in the context of the pandemic

In the absence of major festivals, concerts and events, there was a 50% drop in tickets issued for domestic flights.

Trips to school or work are the only ones that have not decreased significantly

If the holidays were under the sign of last minute bookings, Romanians continued to travel by plane to work abroad or to study. Thus, the main destinations to which Romanians have turned their attention are those with large communities of Romanians, such as Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

Estimates for the future: The demand for airline tickets will increase gradually, reaching a level compared to 2019 only in 2022

Experts expect airline ticket prices to remain low in the first half of 2021 to encourage the resumption of air travel. Also, according to data and airline estimates, the demand for airline tickets will gradually increase, reaching a level compared to 2019 only in 2022. Visiting relatives and friends will be among the main reasons for travel of Romanians, while the business segment will have the slowest recovery of all. provides assistance to customers affected by flight cancellations and changes

According to statistics, compared to a normal month, during the state of emergency, approximately 95% of their customers' flights were canceled, and ticket sales fell to a minimum of -88% in April.

More than 40.000 customers were affected by the flight changes, the damages amounting to about 6 million euros, but 71% of them have already received reimbursement solutions totaling over 4.2 million euros. continues its efforts to reimburse all passengers affected by the cancellation of flights between March and August 2020.

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